Advanced Edition

A highly cost-effective platform that uses best-in-class technologies including open source software or the equivalent commercial editions.

Open IoT

DeviceMaestro® Smart™ is based on an open IoT strategy. Unlike other proprietary solutions that lock you into a single vendor approach, our open IoT architecture supports a range of standards such as TR-069, SNMP, HTTP and SOAP, permitting a more flexible IoT approach. Further, we are committed to incorporating evolving IoT standards that we are helping shape as members of various standards bodies. That is not all – we have thought of your need to interoperate with enterprise systems for an effective IoT solution. DeviceMaestro Smart offers built in connectivity to over 120 popular enterprise application software products.


You can use DeviceMaestro Smart to more than just monitor your devices. It is a complete IoT application that allows you to effectively manage a wide range of homogenous and heterogeneous devices in an intelligent manner. The DeviceMaestro Smart Management Console allows you to select the device parameters to be managed, while our big data architecture helps you to store and retrieve all the information you require on an ongoing basis, and our flexible database strategy allows you to change the parameters over time. The Management Console offers you predefined and custom analytical reports to support you with critical, valuable insights into your business.


Security is vital in your IoT strategy, given the geographic spread of your devices, their location inside customer premises and the sensitive data that may be collected. DeviceMaestro Smart is firewall-friendly, allowing you to manage devices behind firewalls in a secure manner. It supports HTTPS connectivity and uses encrypted SSL connections for all device communication. The DeviceMaestro Smart Management Console offers secure role-based access to the stored data and management of the devices.


DeviceMaestro Smart is an IoT application ready for deployment; it is not a development platform. Deploying our application requires minimal effort – no need to train and maintain a development team. Our Management Console comes with several predefined device classes; and if they are not, adding support for newer device classes is easy. Integration with your business systems is also easy given the several pre-built connectors available with DeviceMaestro Smart. You can deploy it on your computing systems within your intranet, or on the cloud without any change in our application.

Scalable & Flexible

We know that your IoT strategy is going to evolve over time. DeviceMaestro Smart is built to be scalable and flexible to keep pace with your changing business objectives and situation. In terms of utility, the same DeviceMaestro Smart application can address basic device monitoring, or perform business analytics, and eventually business transformation. It easily supports exponentially increasing device counts, changing device parameters and huge databases of collected data. Our multi-tenant capability helps you cater to business situations that require you to offer partitioned zones to your customers or partners.


DeviceMaestro Smart is cost-effective. There are no huge development or training costs. Deployment costs are based just on the class and number of devices managed, not on the number of parameters tracked or data transactions completed. The annual subscription can be scaled up as your business grows. Further, our support for cloud based computing architecture, means you can even turn your IoT implementation into an opex model.

Professional Services

Thinxtream is a subsidiary of Celstream Technologies, a global product engineering services company with several years of experience in developing software products and applications. With access to a large pool of software engineers, Thinxtream's IoT & M2M Solutions Group offers professional services for installation, training and deployment of DeviceMaestro Smart. And if your IoT needs require customization, integration and ongoing maintenance, you can rest assured of quality deliverables at cost-effective prices.

Benefits of DeviceMaestro

Achieve business goals. Improve operational efficiency. Increase customer engagement.

Higher ROI

DeviceMaestro® Smart™ increases your ROI in numerous ways. A cost-effective subscription model based on number of devices managed, readiness for deployment without development, and easy support for cloud based implementation reduces your upfront costs.

Our open and scalable architecture offers significant investment protection – there is no need to change your application if your IoT strategy changes or if the number of devices managed grows, or if the types of devices managed changes. Our strong interoperability provides easy integration with your business systems.

You can thus focus on increasing efficiencies and effectiveness across the entire business value chain, reducing operational costs, improving revenues and creating new business opportunities.

Improved Collaboration

Silos are history with DeviceMaestro Smart!

We facilitate the integration of diverse devices, business applications and people. Leveraging our strong interoperability, you can extend our IoT and M2M application across functions, promoting greater collaboration in implementing your IoT/M2M strategy and business transformation initiatives.

Total Customer Experience

The ultimate goal of an effective Internet of Things strategy is to provide a richer, complete customer experience. Whether your business is product-centric or services-oriented, DeviceMaestro Smart enables you to better address your customer needs. You can implement an effective service management strategy based on the collection and analysis of operational device data.

Your ability to intelligently analyze device data will yield insights into customer usage patterns and help you refine your product or services strategy, improve your customer-focused processes, uncover newer customer needs and satisfy them ahead of your competition.


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