Demand Sensing Agent (Customer Premise)

  • Designed for easy, independent installation by your customers, it can be a standalone app or bundled with other apps
  • Discovers devices and senses their needs by reading machine data, or by visual or derived mechanisms or by human-assisted means
  • Operates in a 1:1 or a 1:n device environment
  • Offers edge intelligence for local processing and secure encrypted transfer through various choice of protocols including firewall friendly ones to the cloud service
  • Allows configuration of frequency and mechanisms of data collection
  • Facilitates remote management without any local intervention including remote upgrades, updates, configuration
  • Runs on smartphones, embedded appliances, network routers, PCs, etc. with low footprint stack
  • Agnostic to any manufacturer’s models across industries

Cloud (Managed Service Offering)

  • Aggregates demand data across sources
  • Matches demand with supply
    • What demand, what supply offering (SKU catalogs), who will fulfill and how
    • Routes demand to supply chain, inventory, payment & fulfilment functions
    • Feeds contextual real-time data to Ecommerce, CRM, other business systems
  • Enables rules and moderation
  • Enables device/service lifecycle management
  • Integrates with business systems, Ecommerce platforms
  • Enables data analytics
    • Demand prediction
    • Usage insights
    • Real-time inventory projection
    • Supply chain management
    • Manpower and inventory location
    • R&D inputs
    • Cross-sell, upsell
    • Predictive service

Stake Holder Engagement (Mobile, Web, Desktop, Portal)

  • Reference apps/portals/installers that can be customized with branding
  • Customer, Dealer, Employee onboarding
  • Dashboards for various stake holders – OEMs/Service providers, Dealers, Customers
  • Customer Engagement – mail, notifications
  • Analytics and tracking


Auto Fulfillment

  • Real-time demand sensing and tracking from opportunity to fulfilment
    • Trigger proactive fulfilment of demand automatically without human intervention
    • Enable monetization by directing orders to online or offline fulfilment
    • Increase revenue and margins by operating a targeted, integrated and efficient service
    • Integrate with commerce and fulfillment channels for end-to-end service
    • Enhance customer lock-in
  • Direct/better control of critical revenue channels

Field Service

  • Predictive service to ensure product uptime
    • Analyze real-time data to determine product health and identify failures, failure patterns
    • Predict product failures/malfunctions before they happen
    • Prevent unplanned downtime and schedule maintenance with least disruption
  • Parts management to ensure availability of right spare parts
  • Usage monitoring to track & report usage of your products

Business Intelligence

  • Accurate and real-time device, user and usage data based insights that enable
    • Up-sell, cross-sell opportunities
    • Optimized inventory management
    • Marketing campaign planning & impact
    • Competitive intelligence
    • Superior customer experience