Smart Office

Next-gen managed services, supplies replenishment, productivity and user experience solutions involving print, imaging, computing and communication equipment.

Smart Banking

Improved security, compliance and service leadership with solutions involving banknote processors, ATMs, secure transportation and sensors.

Smart Healthcare

Increased availability of medical equipment through remote diagnostics, field service and supplies replenishment, innovation in remote care & wellness with connected personal health devices.

Smart Cities

Enhanced governance and citizen services with smart parking, smart lighting, emergency management, tourism promotion and environment protection.

Smart Transportation

Location aware and smart fleet solutions that co-relate assets, loads and user contexts involving vehicles, containers, navigation, logistics and toll infrastructure.

Smart Surveillance

Enhanced security solutions for homes, enterprises and industries involving surveillance, access control, biometric sensors and identity systems.

Smart Vending

Auto replenishment, auto fulfillment, remote services and contextual promotions involving self-service kiosks, vending, dispensers and intelligent signage.

Smart Retail

Omni-channel, personalized shopping solutions involving NFC, POS systems, vending systems, auto replenishment, digital signage and smart tags.